viernes, 8 de febrero de 2013

Cruise on a freighter

Hello followers! 

There are many ways do a cruise and not always on board large boats with great detail because you can sail on a freighter. Yes, you heard right! There are various companies that offer this type of trips, obviously don't have many amenities like a conventional cruise, but most importantly keep the charm of traveling to different countries of the world, from the Mediterranean to India and even around the world.

The spaces of the cargo ships are allocated to passengers are limited but on the boat you will have your cabin with television. There is also a library, cinema and sometimes, gym and pool.

The facilities are shared with the crew and therefore daily you live it with them. Not many passengers can go on this type of ship, estimated between 2 and 12, so the treatment is very familiar.

As the main objective of these ships is to transport goods on their decks there are large numbers of containers, machinery, cranes ... and no teaching animation teams doing salsa or pool games.

The ports that are visited are industrial ports and scales are not short. Trips are ideal for people who have time and you like adventure because both the duration and the itinerary may vary. Trips are usually between two weeks to three or four months.

If you are motivated and interested in traveling in a different way there are agencies like Maris or Freighter World Cruises offer this type of cruise.

What do you think about this kind of cruise? Tell us your opinion :)

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  1. Hello girls! I'm Rita, again. This time I have to say I don't like the topic that you propose. I like luxury, large ships and many amenities and I think that this boat should only be used as freighter. How ever I think that your topic today is very original and I'm learning a lot about cruises thanks to you.

  2. I think that this type of transport is good and bad as since it look, because it can have benefits as transport loads of natural resources but with consequences of detaching some substance towards the sea that contaminates it and that the environment is destroying.

  3. Whenever i read this blog I want to travel in a cruise. I like adventure and trying new things and i think that this type of cruise is a good idea and a good experience.

  4. Hello, the trip sounds more elegant cruises that travel in cargo ships, but there are people that its economy can not allow a cruise and settles for a trip as you propose. Some people do not care about the means of transport and this proposal is good for those people. Support your idea.

  5. I think that's a great kind of cruise. Someday I'm gonna do it!