domingo, 3 de febrero de 2013

Single cruises

Hello followers!

Tired of have to depend on your friends to travel? Exhausted from thinking "I have no couple, is not the same to make the journey alone ..." because all this is over!

If you are an independent personyou love traveling and do not want renounce it because you have no one to ... DON' T GIVE UP! You have heard of travel for singles? For just as there are weekend getaways, and other activities... THERE ARE CRUISES TOO!

We talk on the cruise than most people go individually, but it is also common to come groups of 2 or more friends or friends together and in which they try to form groups of similar ages. Each group may have a different composition, the bigger, the easier it is to have someone of your age.

On these cruises the number of men and women must be balanced, looking for 50% of each or at most a distribution between 40% and 60%, regardless favor of one or the other. If there are more entries in one of the two sexes and overcome these figures remain on the waiting list until more people sign up the other sex and the proportion indicated range, being well communicated to applicants.

WARNING: These are not just for dating cruises, these are to make friends while you travel, and if then arise more, depends on each person. The important thing is to meet people, make friends in a great trip, and if it found an unforgettable person who ends up being our partner, great.
Here you have some examples:

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  1. My next travel will be in a cruise like that!! Awesome girls :)

    1. If you do this cruise, tell us the experience!!
      Thanks for commenting Lidia

      SEE YOU!

  2. Oh yes! This cruise is the solution for me because I'm single and I want to meet new people
    Excellent post girls!

    1. We are glad that you found the solution! hahaha

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. I find it very interesting! I think that it's a very good idea do a cruise alone or with some friends and just for fun or to meet new people!

    1. Yes, it's perfect to travel with friends!

      Thanks for commenting :)

  4. I love this picture, the information is good too.